Events renting

A ceremony, a theater night, a casting, any exceptional event?

Rivières d’Océanie offers you to rent jewels.

Terms of Rent

Once you chose the jewel, you will receive a rent slip that you must return to us dated and signed with a security check which amount is the price of the jewel. This check will not be cashed and we will send it back to as soon as our company receive back the jewel. You must add a photocopy of your ID and the payment of the rent (by check).

Rent Prices

The rent price for each 24 hours represents 10 % of the real price of the jewel. Minimum amount of the rent price: 25 €. This amount includes expenses of postmail and providment of the packaging to send the jewel back.

No product is sent before the reception of the entire payment.

You commit yourself to sending back the product in perfect condition and into the packaging within the prescribed time. As soon as we receive back the jewel and we verify its condition, Rivières d’Océanie will send you back your security check.

You must report to Rivières d’Océanie any problem or default immediately after the reception of the product.

In case of no-return after 8 days passing the deadline, security check will be cashed by Rivières d’Océanie (exception for postmail strikes and in case of absolute necessity).